ANSWR's Keratin Treatment Vs. Traditional Salon Keratin Treatments

ANSWR's Keratin Treatment Vs. Traditional Salon Keratin Treatments

The idea of silky smooth hair is enough to put every girl into a sudden feeling of awe. Years ago hair care used to be one daunting task. But not anymore, countless hair smoothening products are available on the shelf of every big store, but there are very few smoothing treatments available for home use. Most of the hair smoothing treatments are offered at hair salons and include many harsh chemicals to give you a smooth, shiny hair. With an increase in the consumer’s inclination towards natural and organic products, we have tailored a 100% formaldehyde-free that women of all ages can use at home.

But with a myriad of choice available, one must always know what do they want out of a hair smoothening product? Different products offer different solutions, and there are only a few products that can be consumed by everyone without having second thoughts about the side effects. Although traditional keratin treatment & ANSWR's smoothing treatment both fulfil similar kinds of consumer needs lets still discuss the pros and cons of both and then decide which one might have the edge over another and if so then why?

What is a Keratin Treatment?

Well before we go on, let us break it to you that keratin treatment is most oftenlly chemically induced treatment for frizzy hair. Though the results of the treatment may long for a prolonged period of time, it is still NOT a permanent hair treatment that having done will leave your hair smooth and shiny forever. The results can last for around 4 months.It is important to note that keratin treatment involves the releases of formaldehyde which might act as a side effect for most. Released into the air formaldehyde is classified as human carcinogen and created immediate side effects, such as irritation and burning sensation in the eyes. It is also known to increase the chance of getting cancer. Experts suggest avoiding the formaldehyde-induced treatments and rather recommend using formaldehyde-free hair smoothening treatments.

What is ANSWR's Smoothing Treatment?

ANSWR's smoothing treatment home kit is an all-in-one kit which contains everything you need to do a smoothing treatment at home quickly and without any side-effects. The complete kit includes a smoothing treatment spray and after-treatment sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner and instructions. The only things you need to have before hand is a straightening iron, a shower and a combs. Thats all.

The ANSWR keratin treatment contains a unique 100% Formaldehyde-free formula with antioxidant properties and Brazilian botanical bioactives. It deeply repairs and hydrates hair cuticles, resulting in dramatically smooth and shiny hair. Also,its sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner are designed to prolong the treatments effect and are gentle the skin.

Similarities and Differences Between Traditional Keratin Treatment & ANSWR Smoothing treatments

  • Both offer semi-permanent hair treatment
  • Both ANSWR hair smoothing treatment and keratin treatment eliminate frizz and smoothens your hair.
  • Both of these coat your hair to bring shine, remove frizz and smoothen the hair.
  • Both of these treatments helps tone down humidity on the scalp and adds a reflective shine while making the hair more manageable.
  • Keratin treatments usually include chemicals like formaldehyde, while ANSWR smoothing treatment is 100% formaldehyde-free and contains natural botanical ingredients like guarana, cashew, brazil nuts, coconut, pitanga, grape, balsamic vinegar, coffee beans, and tamarind.
  • A traditional keratin treatment would give your hair a boost with shine and less frizz, but it does less to change the hair structure whereas ANSWR smoothing treatment composed of natural ingredients helps to align the hair fibers, retain moisture, and repair hair cuticles. It will provide your hair with natural silkiness. It’s more like providing your hair with the kind of ingredients they need to shine naturally.
  • Anyone who is supposed to undergo a traditional formaldehyde-rich keratin treatment would need to visit the salon because it does demand expert care and attention. On the other hand, ANSWR smoothing treatment can be done at home by anyone with amateur skills, delivering the same result, due to its unique and effective formaldehyde-free formula.
  • Traditional chemically heavy keratin treatments usually last up to 6 months whereas ANSWR smoothening treatment can last for around 3 months, due to the fact that it does not contain any formaldehyde.
  • A keratin treatment at a salon costs about $300-400, while ANSWR smoothing treatment will only cost $74,90 and provide enough quantity to do the treatment for 1-2 times, depending on the length and thickness of your hair.

Now that we’ve had an elaborate discourse on both of the hair smoothening techniques, we seem to be well versed in deciding which one would be a better option. As we’ve conceded on the fact that none of these belong to the permanent hair treatment club we can do a cost-benefit analysis on both and eventually decide which one of these is better. It is clear that traditional keratin treatments are expensive, require more care, and has side effects while the ANSWR smoothing treatment home kit with botanical smoothening spray is a more natural and convenient option. Now that you’ve gone through this, you know which one you need for more natural, shiny, silky and lesser frizzy hair. You guessed it right.

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