The Reformulation Process of our Keratin Treatment

The Reformulation Process of our Keratin Treatment

Even though our original at-home keratin treatment took the industry by storm and was awarded the best hair product in Global Makeup Award 2021 we still knew we could make it even better. Led by the voice of our customers, the award-winning formulas was perfection further. After 15 sample rounds, over a year of re-formulation work, and incredibly positive trial group survey responses, we were ready to launch. 92% of the testers preferred the new formula over the original one.

Despite being spoiled with thousands of happy customers world wide we always kept our eyes and ears open for possible improvements. Based on the feedback from our keratin treatment users we knew there were two clear points of improvement that we wanted our lab to solve with the original formula

1. It made porous hair smell unpleasant after the treatment when the hair was wet.

This side-effect was gone usually by the 3rd wash and was something that only people with porous hair experienced. Given that this is a very common side-effect for most of the similar salon treatments on the market, we knew this wasn’t an easy one to solve - but we were ready for the challenge.

2. Made damaged hair dry.

We discussed these with our lab to better understand the source of the issue and after that, they were ready to start the reformulating process with the goal of getting rid of these pain points. 

Starting from the existing formula and 15 different sample rounds later, the ingredients included in the black list such as silicones and alcohols were removed, which turned out to be the source of making damaged hair dry. Also, to solve the issue of the unpleasant smell on wet hair the levels of acids were also balanced to an optimal degree and keratin amino acid was added

After a successful internal testing it was time for the real test. To find out if the new improved formula would  also impress our real customers. We put together  a trail group formed of our customers. A few weeks later we were excited (and a bit nervous) to check the survey results: 

  • 92% of the testers preferred the new formula over the old one
  • 97% didn’t experience any unpleasant smell after treatment
  • 98% would recommend our keratin treatment to their friends
  • 100% would buy the product again
  • 83% claimed that the hair remained smooth for three months 
  • 92% claimed their hair dried frizz-free after each wash 
  • 100% claimed their hair dried faster after the treatment 

 It is worth mentioning that 100% of the trial group participants had used our original keratin treatment in the past and 55% of them did experience an unpleasant smell in the hair when hair was wet following the original treatment. Out of all the participants, only one reported an unpleasant smell - and she claimed that the smell was extremely mild and only after she rinsed off the treatment in the application process. She did not experience the unpleasant smell on the next wash. 

Looking at the results we were confident the trouble areas were solved and we had a much better version of the already good formula in hand and we couldn’t wait to get it out into the market. As we solved a very common problem associated with keratin treatments in general we discovered a breakthrough technology - which we later named VeratinTechTM.

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