Thanks to all of you, we're at ANSWR proudly able to support non-profit organisations that share the same values as us. Every three months we create a new fundraising campaign that directs money for the target organisation. 

The most recent invention was the #OwowCharityChallenge on TikTok, of which the winner got to choose the organisation that received our 1500 donation. We are so excited that many decided to pick up the challenge that was eventually won by Finnish Katariina Juselius! Remember to keep an eye on our social media profiles, you can find us at @ANSWR.BEAUTY.


That’s some real stuff 👌🏻 #owowcharitychallenge collab: o’wow

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Katariina chose to donate the prize money to Helsinki Foundation, which Katariina has been representing as a brand ambassador since the beginning of the year. We interviewed her with a few questions after the victory:

What was your reaction when you found out you were chosen as the winner?

It was really heartwarming to win since it was a fun challenge to film and for a good cause. There were so many great influencers taking part so I was very surprised to win! 

What made you decide Helsinki Foundation for your donation?

Nature and forests are really suffering from our everyday choices. To keep the Earth green and living we really need to do something. Even something small.

How would you describe Helsinki Foundation to someone who's never heard of it?

Helsinki Foundation wants to reserve nature by purchasing greenspace all over the world. Becoming a donor is meaningful but also fun because you can choose and name your own greenspace from their website. So it’s also a nice and sustainable gift for your friend or kids.


Helsinki Foundation

In addition to Katariina, one of Helsinki Foundation’s brand ambassadors is Tim Sparv, the captain of Finland’s national football team. The organization was founded in 2015 to establish private conservation areas to the lands purchased with donations. All of the green spaces have specific coordinates and it is possible to visit them.

The protected area can be forest, wetland, or meadow, for example. Helsinki Foundation continuously looks for new suitable areas and is already working in three countries: Finland, Australia, and Estonia.

The mission of Helsinki Foundation is to make nature conservation available for everyone and retain precious nature for the following generations. Operating through a foundation and the hundreds of private donors warrant long-term protection, where it’s practically impossible to resell the areas that have been established as conservation areas.

There are already over 1200 private donors from all over the world and you can join in with just a small donation. The foundation operates with voluntary workers and it has a Finnish fundraising permit.

ANSWR’s next donation will be chosen by our social media wizard Isabella! We will continue the fundraising in our traditional way; by donating €1 per each sold ANSWR Kit.

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