Exfoliating Hair Removal Drop

Exfoliating Hair Removal Drop

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Achieve the perfect smooth-legs-against-satin-sheets feeling with our game-changing hair removal drop. The only hair removal method that exfoliates as it works - for glass-like skin. Say goodbye to razor nicks, waxing pain, and expensive laser treatments. Upgrade your hair removal game today!

🏆 Marie Claire 2024 Award-Winner: Best Quick-Fix Hair Removal Tool 

    • Remove unwanted hair on legs and arms with ease.
    • Gently exfoliates dead skin
    • Easy to use and painless - rub it in a circular motion
    • Sustainable - use it for 6 months
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    ANSWR exfoliating hair removal drop turning around animation

    Your secret weapon for oh-so-smooth skin.

    Ditch those old-fashioned hair removal methods and join the drop squad for baby-smooth skin. You'll be amazed at how irresistibly soft your skin feels - may sound strange, but you won't be able to stop touching it.

    easy to use

    Rub it on your skin in a circular motion - that’s it!

    designed with exfoliation in mind

    Removes dead skin making your skin soft and smooth as no razor could.

    helps with kp, strawberry & dry skin

    With regular use you will notice a significant improvement - thanks to its exfoliating power.

    environmentally friendly

    Reusable for 6 months. 1 drop = 12 razors = 1200% less waste

    rub it right round, baby, right round

    ANSWR exfoliating hair removal drop guide - tighten skin

    1. pull skin tight

    Pull your dry and clean skin tight with your non-dominant hand.

    ANSWR exfoliating hair removal drop guide - rotate

    2. rub in circular motion

    Applying moderate pressure, gently rub the drop in circular motions on the area you wish to treat.

    ANSWR exfoliating hair removal drop guide - add oil

    3. moisturize

    For that extra touch of va-va-voom and TLC moisturize your skin with body oil or cream. It will have you feeling like a snack.

    ANSWR exfoliating hair removal drop vs razor comparison chart

    see the differece

    drop vs. razor

    ANSWR keratin treatment and girl with the dog
    ANSWR money back guarantee stamp

    Smooth operator or your money back.

    Order risk-free and see the difference for yourself.

    If you're not satisfied, just let us know within 30 days and we'll give you a full refund - no questions asked.

    the drop 101 - all your questions answred