VeratinTech™ Explained

VeratinTech™ Explained

How is the smooth, silky effect achieved?

Typically similar treatments on the market utilises animal sourced keratin and strong chemicals as their active ingredients to achieve effective results.

As we believe that looking good should never compromise our health nor our furry friends we use only gentle, high quality ingredients and 100% vegan sourced keratin - without compromising the effectiveness of the treatment. Our own unique combination of 87% natural ingredients and a blend of amino acids is the hero of our exclusive VeratinTech™ technology.

VeratinTech™  technology is based on the acidic oxoacetamides synergy and utilizes keratin amino acids sourced from wheat and soy. The unique technology enables capillary realignment which results in natural smooth and shiny hair that lasts for up to three months - all this without damaging the hair.

But what really happens inside your hair during the treatment? 

  1. After the application of the treatment, it absorbs to the hair cuticle - the topmost layer of the hair strand.
  2. During the action time, treatment enters the second and thickest layer of the hair strand.
  3. The acids modify the weak and reversible bonds between protein chains.
  4. Amino acids of the vegan keratin creates new links between existing proteins and keratin is absorbed by the core of the hair strand. 
  5. The treatment is washed off when the viable links have been fixed. Some stronger bonds, such as ones damaged by bleaching, may not be fixed.
  6. The heat of the iron seals the new bonds and the cuticle back down - making the hair de-frizzed and shiny. 
  7. Blow-drying with hot air after each wash makes the cuticles settle down again, which enables the hair to be smooth for up to three months. 
  8. Links between protein chains fade gradually with each hair wash. To seal them again, the treatment can be repeated every second month. 

Does it straighten the hair?

It is a smoothing treatment and not a straightening one. While it de-frizzes and might make your curls appear more  loose it won't straighten your hair.  On a technical level it differs from a straightening treatment by the chemistry behind it: Straightening treatments and perms use strong chemicals that affect the disulfide bonds to restructure the hair strands. Our natural chemicals are effective on a different level and affects the weaker, modified bonds instead

Does your product include perming ingredients?

A chemical perm can make your hair permanently curly or wavy by creating permanent changes to the hair structure. Our keratin product is a semi-permanent treatment, so it doesn’t allow strong disulfide bonds to be broken and reshaped. Our VeratinTech™ technology includes gentle acids that help to restore weak links between protein chains and this in turn results in a frizz-free finish.

Does it damage the hair as permanent straightening? 

The mechanism of permanent straightening leads to the breakage of the disulfide bridges while our technology only affects the weak and reversible bonds, hence doesn’t damage the hair. It involves formation of cross-links with two or more polypeptide chains. Reversible reactions are created between the fibers and the carbonyl group of the glyoxylic acid. The centers of the reactions of the fibers are the aminoacids that have particular free chemical groups containing sulfur, oxygen and nitrogen. In this context, the keratin amino acids can also react to create new links and to give new shapes of the hair.

Is it suitable for all hair types?

Yes it is! However, please keep in mind that it will not repair bonds damaged by bleaching treatments. Also colored hair may be subject to fading in color when flat iron is applied on hair - especially if hair has been colored with semi permanent dye. To avoid any fading of you colored hair we recommend passing the iron on a small section of hair and waiting until your hair cools. If you notice any fading, lower the temperature and test it until  you no longer see any fading.

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